Future Of Dothan City Landfill

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When it comes to the landfill, there's been some issues between the City and residents.

But it may be more of a problem now that the landfill will be taking in more garbage.

"Me personally as well as the majority of the group believe that they determined that we're a sacrifice zone and their willing to sacrifice us, the community around the landfill and we're tired of that, we've been the sacrificial lamb too long, " says Bobby Lewis who lives near the landfill.

Neighbors' concern about the Dothan landfill's possible expansion has been heightened by Houston County's decision to pull out of the Southeast Alabama Solid Waste Authority.

"I understand that the county has totally been removed from the Southeast Alabama Solid Waste as a member and they had already been putting their garbage at the city landfill. Will this increase the volume I don't know, " says Lewis.

But officials say not much has changed.

"Although Houston county has had a contract with the solid waste authority for many years now, the majority of their waste has been coming to the Dothan landfill the entire time. So it really won't affect our volume any, " says Public Works Department Director Jerry Corbin.

"According to what choice is made about what to do is how fact we've got to actually do something. If it's an expansion then we got to, you know all the design work and the final permitting has to be done for that. If it's disposal somewhere else it kind of takes the pressure off a little bit about how fast we have to do things, " says Corbin.

"Dr.Delveceo said instead of being the Circle City, we'll be known as dump City, do we really want to change the City heritage that way, " says Lewis.

"Well there's still no decision. There are still some things that have to time itself out. Additional decisions and act on some permitting that's open right now, " says Corbin.

City Commissioners say they plan to have a work session in the next month to figure out the future of the landfill.

Corbin says there is still a good amount of work to be done, regardless of what option the city chooses.

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