Funeral for Ada Sharpton Held in Newville AL

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Although today was a somber time for the family and friends of Ada Sharpton, the community made sure this day became a celebration instead.
They remembered her by singing songs, telling funny stores, and how she raised four children who became the pride of her life.

“In the African American tradition, we always call these services home going services and it is a celebration of life of ms Ada Sharpton.” Civil rights activist Martin Luther King III said.

Martin Luther King the third was just one of many familiar faces at the funeral.

“I’ve known her for about 45 years. I watched her grow and develop her son. And yet she nurtured her fruit she nurtured her sons. “ Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson said.

Her son, Civil rights activist reverend Al Sharpton, has become famous for speaking for those who have suffered injustice.
And many people contributed her great parenting skills, to making Sharpton the man he is today.

“We know he had to come from a mother, he didnt just become who he is. Yes god had his hand on him, god first, but then his mother had to mold him and shape him.” King said.

“My mother was the one who encouraged me when I started preaching as a child. People thought it was strange but she encouraged me to do whatever I believed god had called me to do.” Reverend Al Sharpton said.

There were more than 100 people at the funeral in Newville Alabama, and those who couldn’t be there, managed to show their support in different ways.

People from all over the United States came to remember Ada Sharpton, even president Obama wrote the family a letter.

“It’s great to have president Obama send a letter, the head of the NAACP, a flag from a U-S senator, this is something she would have never expected when she was growing up in this part of Alabama.” Sharpton said.

Many wondered why Sharpton wanted to be buried in Newville, her sons says it’s because this is the place she considered home.

"I’m sad at her passing but I’m glad she lived a full life and glad she lived long enough to see her children succeed." Sharpton said.

Sharpton died at the age of 87, after suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia for many years.

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