Funeral of Teen Who Lost the Fight Against Bullying

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Hundreds of family and friends gathered at the Greater Shiloh Baptist church today to say their final good byes to 16 year old Malik Thomas.

They held what they called a celebration of life, after Thomas took his life after being bullied by several classmates because of his sexual orientation. But
Friends encouraged the family to remember Malik was special.

"God made some of us, short, fat, round, large or bigger or whatever, but we are all precious in god's sight," says a family friend of Malik Thomas.

It's a painful situation for those who knew the teen best.
Many described him in one word.

"Amazing, like I never would have expected him to do such a thing but," says a cousin of Malik Thomas.

Many remember Malik by sharing their experiences.

"He was always there I could cry on his shoulders, when I was down, he cried on my shoulder plenty of times."

And many cried to help grieve through a difficult time.
But they also celebrated the teen's life, remembering him for his volunteer work.

"We volunteered together, he was a great, volunteer and a great person to work with and he loved everyone he tried to help,"

"Praising god while under pressure," says the Pastor of Greater Shiloh Baptist Church.

A family relying on their faith to get them through the painful time.

Family and friends left Shiloh Baptist Church hoping that Maliks death will not be in vain, they hope something will be done about bullying.

An uncle of Thomas said he hopes adults will start listening to teens, when they ask for help against bullying.

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