Funding for Tech Programs

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Culinary arts and health care are just a few programs offered by the Dothan Technology Center and with the help of state funding these programs will continue.

"Career technical education in the state of Alabama received a $50 million bond or grant through the legislature when they were in the last legislative session this to be used to upgrade equipment needs that career technology centers and programs throughout the state have," said Terry Scott, principal of Dothan Technology Center.

"We know that every child will not go to college in the academic world however we do believe in helping them in the technical area so we are giving them the opportunity that they are going to go academically or in the technical area," said Representative Paul Lee. "It's important for these students to take advantage of their skills, their skills may not be in the books or they can take a tool or a sort of wrench it may be a great living a great example is what were just had happen to the Dothan, Alabama area with Commercial Jet, there are men and women out there working who are making an extremely good living that will continue or the next several years we need to open and broaden their field and let them see academics may not be the only way there are other ways to make money take advantage of it."

But officials still want to emphasize the importance of getting an education.

"We want to make sure students understand where those math skills area going to be used or science skills or communication skills or make sure they know how this will be applied to the job site," said Scott.

Scott said with Commercial Jet being so close, the center is working to get an accelerated aviation career technology program and an aerospace engineer tech program.

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