Fun Factory Wants to Help the Community

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Kids go to the Fun Factory to have fun.
But it is more than that.

"We do fundraisers for different things one of the main things is for kids we have a lot of kids that come to us that want to train but cant afford it and it should not be a reason not to train once again it is not about the training its about getting them the life skills and teach them," said Mark Hess, co-owner of Fun Factory.

But it isn't just local kids who are using the facility.

"They have been so helpful and they are really wanting to help the community and really get the word out there so we can help as many children as possible we are going to try to raise money to sponsor children throughout the organization too as well as the other organizations that we will pick for different bouts," said Mindy Boline, roller derby player.

This group is one of the few organizations that the Fun Factory helps.

"What happens now is we give a good discount to the Boys and Girls Club we just started the roller derby," said Hess.

"We are a non profit organization most roller derbys are so what we do is we basically raise money to give to other non profits in the community like for example Montgomery just did one for the cystic fibrosis and many other organization we usually just pick one for every bout and give the proceeds from what we do to them," said Boline.

If the Fun Factory doesn't get donations from the public, they may not be able help as many kids as they would like to.

On August 31st the roller derby team will have a scrimmage at the Fun Factory.
The proceeds from that will go to the sponsor local children in need.