Full Interview with Man who Meets Supected Kidnapper

We have an exclusive phone interview with the pastor in San Augustine, Texas who gave food and gas yesterday morning to the family of kidnapped Ailene Lander.

He says the 15-year-old did not appear to be scared or in distress.

He also said that they look exactly like their photos and he regrets not following his normal procedure for background checking because he was in a hurry yesterday morning.

Those people look just like the pictures, that is the picture from their driver's license.They look just like it, if you find somebody that looks like that, that's them. There's some speculation that they've changed her identity or the way she looks, she looks exactly like she looked in the pictures, with long brown hair they have not dyed it blonde as of yesterday. And I’m just horribly, horribly convicted, that if this child is in danger, I could have stopped it yesterday, and I was just too busy, I thought what I was doing was the best thing for them, and I let them get away, said Pastor Charles G. Hensley, Jr.

The family was traveling with all 6 kids and a dog in a stolen green Toyota Sienna minivan.

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