Ft. Rucker Pharmacy Temporarily Closing

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Fort Rucker, AL – Lyster Army Health Clinic’s pharmacy will close temporarily from July 16 to July 20 to move to its new, permanent location inside the clinic.

The pharmacy will close at 1 p.m. on July 16 in preparation for its move into the new space and open on July 21.

Construction inside the clinic for the new pharmacy started about a year ago. The new 7,000+ sq. ft. space is double the size of the old pharmacy and contains state-of-the-art medication dispensing machines and equipment.

Patients will have access to 10 pharmacy windows with two of those windows dedicated to prescription refills.

Aside from more space in the new pharmacy, patients can look forward to shortened wait times and quicker refills on medications, said Lt. Col. Tai Bolaji, Chief of pharmacy.

Six mini units, capable of receiving up to nine different medications at a time, and one large unit – the max – exclusively for refills and capable of receiving up to three medications at a time, will make up the new robotics center of the pharmacy.

“Our updated equipment will allow us to program the new robots to fill hundreds of refill medications each night to be ready for our patients in the morning,” Bolaji said.

Pharmacy technicians will also be able to quickly fill new prescriptions and have them ready in less time.

“The pharmacy technicians and staff pharmacists can input the prescriptions on the computer and the medications will be filled into the bottles and packaged in minutes, not hours,” he said.

The new pharmacy will also offer a patient consultation & education room that gives patients the opportunity to speak one-on-one with a pharmacist about medication-related questions.

The pharmacy’s hours and phone numbers will remain the same.

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