Ft. Rucker Deploys Helicopter Crash Investigation Team

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FORT RUCKER, Ala. (April 10, 2013) - The U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center deployed a Centralized Accident Investigation team Wednesday to lead the inquiry into Tuesday’s mishap involving a U.S. Army helicopter in eastern Afghanistan.

The CAI team is comprised of experts in safety, maintenance, operations and training. Its mission is to examine the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident and make recommendations to prevent future accidents. The investigation report will be used within the Department of Defense for accident prevention purposes only.

Regulations require that all Army accidents be investigated and reported. Most accident investigations are conducted by the unit, but regardless of scope and impact, the USACRC ultimately holds authority to investigate any Army accident.

The USACRC normally assumes the responsibility of lead investigating agency when accident findings may have an Army-wide impact. However, the unit or organization experiencing the accident may conduct the investigation if it possesses adequate internal resources.

The USACRC makes every attempt to investigate Class A Army accidents if teams and resources are available. Class A accident criteria include:

- Total property damage of $2 million or more
- An Army aircraft or missile is destroyed, missing or abandoned
- An injury and/or occupational illness that results in a fatality or permanent total disability

The USACRC does not release any information concerning accident causes, analyses or internal recommendations due to limitations set forth by Department of Defense instructions and Army regulations.

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