Ft. Rucker Going Green

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We live on a planet with finite resources.

Sustainability Program Manager Darrell Hager said, “And the population is going up and the resource use is going up. And one of these days we are going to get to the point where what we have and what we use is going to intersect.”

That is why Fort Rucker is urging the Wiregrass to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Wednesday at the Earth Day Expo, the post launched their new recycling program.

“We recycle now office paper, cardboard we are expanding to collect glass and aluminum,” Hager said.

This program will make Fort Rucker the only one in the surrounding community where you are able to recycle those glass products, keeping them out of the landfill.”

Env. Management Branch Chief Melissa Lowlavar said, “We are running out of landfill space I mean Dothan is having a problem with this right now.”

Incentives are being offered for organizations that take advantage of the program.
Every few months, vouchers for the post’s morale, welfare and recreation facilities will be allotted to each department based on the amount of material they recycle.

“It is teaching people to be sustainable, to reuse, and recycle what we can so that we will have it in the future.”

A small incentive to make a world of difference.

Anyone in the community can drop off recyclables. For more information visit: http://epa.gov/recycle/recycle.html

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