Ft. Gaines Protests Over Police Brutality

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Community members met this afternoon with picket signs ready for a protest. A Ft. Gaines family is upset over injuries caused by alleged police brutality. Family, friends and freedom fighters are standing up for Don Bolden, Police arrested the 17-year-old 3 weeks ago for allegedly breaking into a South Georgia church. They claim police brutality.

During the protest, the Ft. Gaines police chief answered family member's questions; he is the man in charge of the department they are protesting against.

"Yes we are here and wanted to know what the problem was because there was no formal complaint filed on an officer or the Fort Gaines Police department by no one, nothing has been filed," said Sam Starling, the Ft. Gaines Police Chief.

County Sheriff Roger Shivers also joined in on the question session. Starling says this is the first time that he has had to deal with a case like this. In the police department's defense of the arrest starling says every situation isn't the same.

"You can't put a procedure on how you arrest people because everybody’s different," said Sterling.

But Bolden’s family differs, they believe Don was innocent and because of excessive force he is still traumatized.

"And he has been under medical treatment ever since this incident happened right up until this very day. He's still in mental treatment," said Joseph Wiley, the attorney representing Bolden.

Don Bolden’s family says that they expect him to speak to investigators sometime this week. They are currently filing complaints against the Ft. Gaines police department.

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