Fraternity members preparing to "Walk Hard"

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College students across the county are heading out on Spring Break. But for 11 members of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at Troy University, their travel plans are anything but the norm.

Tomorrow they will start a 150-mile trek to Panama City down Highway 231.
It is the fourth year of their “Walk Hard” philanthropy and they have been prepping for the last six months.

Each step, raising money for the Special Olympics which is a cause close to the hearts of one of the walkers who worked with special needs kids at Alabama’s Camp ASCCA.

Reese Claybrook said, “And to see the way that people can affect their lives is just amazing to me. So why not even better that and raise money and also take the opportunity while I have it to continue to raise the awareness.”

They have already raised $3,000 and hope that with all the attention they get from drivers during their walk, that they will end up reaching their goal of $10,000.

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