Four Months Since Hostage Situation

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Four months ago today, a SWAT team rescued a little boy from a bunker in Midland City.

One of the men who never left the scene for an entire week is Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson.

This took a huge toll, physically and emotionally, on Sheriff Olson and the hundreds of law enforcement involved in the week long stand-off.

He says talking about it brings back all the memories.

But he hopes the information released helps bring closure for the community.

Every move carefully calculated…including every bit of information they could release.

Dealing with a volatile captor, “It was an emotional roller coaster. One minute it felt like we were going somewhere the next we were backpedaling trying to calm him down," Olson said. Even to the point where all communication stopped, causing law enforcement to storm the bunker killing Dykes.

There were many questions about the entire situation. Some that will never have answers. But seeing Ethan, safe and happy, cleared up something for Sheriff Olson.

Olson said, “Proved to me that there is power in prayer. Beyond any shadow of a doubt. He’s a special young man.”

Sheriff Olson says he hopes this new information is the last to be released. As far as his department, their investigation into this case is over.

An account has been opened at the Commercial Bank of Ozark and the branch in Midland City for a conservatorship to be monitored by the Probate Court of Dale County for Ethan and his future needs. Money from this account can only be spent as the Court deems necessary for Ethan's health, maintenance, education and welfare. Donations can be made to the "Conservatorship for Ethan".

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