Four Major Phone Companies Team Up Against Texting While Driving

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You've seen the ads. You know the danger. Why can't young drivers put the phone down?

Dr. Denise Cleveland suggests social media is to blame.

“Many of the apps keep you constantly connected. Teenagers are in a technology-driven world today,” said Cleveland, a child, adolescent, and family therapist.

A new study reported texting while driving is the number one killer of teenagers. Now, an unusual team is stepping up to fight the digital battle. Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint are adopting AT&T’s “It Can Wait” ad campaign.

“We’ll bring together our partners and advocates and that will help raise greater awareness of texting while driving. We're going to encourage everyone to make a personal commitment to drive without texting,” explained Lewis Stargill, the Regional Store Manager of Verizon Wireless.

The united rivals are warning against the dangers of their own product.

“We know that texting while driving is not the way to go, and with our technology related products there are other options out there,” Stargill stated.

Texting while driving is a hard offense to prove. Even with a law against it, young drivers still text on the road. Experts said the practice impairs driving just as much as alcohol or drugs.

Sheriff Andy Hughes with the Houston County Sheriff’s Office said, “People are inattentive, they're looking down, they're looking away, they're running off the edge of the highway, and they're crossing the center line which are the same indicators of someone driving drunk.”

Parents need to join the forces too.

“You just have to stress to your teen, stop somewhere. If you're at a red light, or once you get to your destination, then you can complete your text,” informed Hughes.

If you can't wait, it could cost you your life.

The multimillion dollar campaign kicks off May 20th. You can sign a pledge against texting and driving on

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