Foster Street Spring Fling

Bowl With Painted Easter Egg

Downtown Dothan merchants are ready for spring.

Residents came out for a spring fling on Foster Street Saturday morning.

This was a dual celebration of Saint Patrick ’s Day and Easter.

There were lots of family friendly activities, and it seems everyone had their favorite.

“I'm going egg hunting. You pick up the eggs and then you open the eggs and it has toys in it,” said 6 year old Kalyiah Danner.

“Painting the egg. It's green and it has purple and pink on it,” said 8 year old Macy Fellows.

“I knew she loved Easter so I thought it would be really fun, and she could come and color some eggs and make some cookies,” said Jackie Greenwood, Dothan.

Patrons who wore green also got a special discount from local shops and restaurants.

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