Fort Rucker Spouses Walk in Partner's Boots

Do you ever wonder what your spouse does at work all day? Friday, Fort Rucker held their first Spouse’s Day to help soldiers’ other halves understand just how hard they work.

“The spouses are going to get to see it’s not such an easy job being an army aviator,“ says the coordinator, Deborrah Cisneros.

A selected group of 26 spouses at Fort Rucker took a walk, dive, and climb in their soldier’s combat boots. The day got started at the pool for dunker training, and it continued to the obstacle course to learn team building skills. But it didn’t end there.

“They’re going to learn to build a fire without a match, half will go to the simulators and learn to fly and the other half will go to the virtual range and shoot an m16,“ says Cisneros.

Participants say that events like the dunker training and the obstacle course really do give them a glimpse of what it’s like for everyday life for their spouse.

“I thought it would be a neat experience to see what our husbands go through. They come home so exhausted from such a strenuous day, and you wonder what did they do, and now I know,“ says participant Jessica Haselbauer.

The day wasn’t just for “Army Wives”.

“I’m the token male today,” says participant Greg Norman.

Norman’s wife is in aviation school. He was the only “Army Husband” participating, but he encourages others to give it a try next time.

“Just go in there and have some fun. Be a part of what they do every day,” he says.

Cisnero added, “By getting to experience that today, they’re going to be able to know exactly what their soldier does, and hopefully have a better understanding and provide support for them for their long career.”

Other spouses at Fort Rucker will have the opportunity to participate in this type of training. There will be a Spouse’s Day held every quarter.

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