Fort Walton Beach Teenager Arrested on Burglary, Arson Charges

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FORT WALTON BEACH, FL - An Okaloosa County Sheriff's Deputy who found a teenager standing outside a burning home at 3 Eglin Street around 11:30 last night said the teen told him he had called 9-1-1 and that he had a friend still inside.

As the deputy tried to get in the front door to check, the teen, who was carrying a large green bag, took off running. Another individual told the deputy he was actually the one who had called.

The deputy was able to catch the teen, who then admitted to breaking a window to get in the home.

Inside the green bag was an Xbox 360 gaming system, laptop computer, and other items. A large television was also found outside the front door.

The State Fire Marshal's Office responded and determined that there were two point of origin to the fire. The teen admitted to breaking in and throwing a lit cigarette into a box of papers to cause a blaze inside the dwelling.

The OCSO has charged 18-year old Jorge Cesar Perea-Martinez of 217 Ajax Street in Fort Walton Beach with burglary, arson, grand theft, and resisting arrest.

No one else was inside the home.

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