Fort Rucker Woman Helps Kids Off Bus

Police SWAT teams and hostage negotiators are gathered at a standoff and hostage scene in Dale County near Midland City, Ala (Credit: AP/Montgomery Advertiser)
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On Tuesday afternoon, a lady was driving down 231 when she came across a "bizarre" scene.
She says she saw a blonde haired boy hysterically waving his hands at drivers on the highway.
The woman says she then saw about six other children...some crying, some still in shock.
She soon realized what was going on and that their bus driver had been killed.
She allowed the kids to use her cell phone to call their parents,
I spoke with the woman through Facebook, and like a real hero she was very humble about what happened.
"I just happened to be on my daily commute home from school and i did what anyone would have done seeing kids near a busy road looking for help."

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