Fort Rucker Dealing with the Government Shutdown

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Fort Rucker released the following statement on Tuesday, Oct. 1 in regards to the Government shutdown.

FORT RUCKER, Ala. – Today, Fort Rucker, like other federal entities, has begun notifying non-excepted employees they will be furloughed beginning at noon.

While we can’t operate in the absence of appropriations, certain activities that are critical to maintaining national security and that provide protection of life and property are authorized to continue. Most of our training at Fort Rucker, as well as those working in support of base operations that protect life, health or safety fall under these exceptions.

Today our commissary is open for business to help clear out perishable items, but will be closing tomorrow Oct 2nd until further notice. Our Army Air Force Exchange will remain open for business as well as our Elementary Schools.

We just ask for your patience and support as we begin this very difficult situation for our Army Family. We will do everything we can to mitigate the effect on our Soldiers and their Families and our valued civilian and contracted employees.

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