Former Pro Wrestler Talks to Students About Bullying

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"Don't bully but be a friend.” That’s the message two Washington County schools have for their students.

Former professional wrestler Chris Hollyfield may be small but his message is huge. Bullying isn’t right.

"They have to realize that people are going to say negative things about them regardless but I want them to see that it's ok to be who they are. Express yourself, be you because that's the only person you can be," said Hollyfield

The 4’4 motivational speaker is on a mission to prove that you can overcome bullying.

"My point is to make sure that they go home with something and say guess what? So they can bring that dialogue from what happened in school with their parents at that dinner table to come together," said Hollyfield.

Hollyfield says he'll continue to develop and implement environments where kids feel included. Hollyfield has also been featured on national talk shows, Miami ink and MTV.

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