Former Jail Employee Gets 4 Years Probation

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An inappropriate relationship with an inmate and accusations of stealing cost Joshua McVickers his job at the Dale County Jail back in August.

But more than 8 months later a judge has ruled that McVickers won’t become an inmate himself.

McVickers pled guilty to custodial sexual misconduct and second degree theft.

He allegedly committed the crimes while serving as an officer at the Dale County jail.

Investigators said he was able to find blind spots in the security cameras to have an inappropriate relationship with an inmate.

Also according to investigators he developed a relationship with a different inmate to gain access to their bank account.
That is where the theft charges came from.

McVickers was facing up to four years behind bars.
But a judge ruled he will only have to spend the next four years on probation.

McVickers served in the military before joining the staff at the Dale County Jail.

Moving forward Sheriff Wally Olson hopes jail employees will continue to hold each other accountable.

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