Former Calhoun County Administrator Reacts to Firing

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Calhoun County - Former Calhoun County administrator, Sonny O'Bryan is talking about the end of his long public service career.

County commissioners fired him Tuesday. O'Bryan says he's disappointed, but not surprised.

O'Bryan said he heard lot of talk bout his status during this year's campaign, most of it coming from the three candidates who were eventually elected.

Last week they did away with his county administrator position.

Then Tuesday, they fired him from the rest of his duties, including solid waste director, grants administrator and public safety director.

O'Bryan says his termination was politically motivated, and he's proud of his record, including more than 25 million dollars in grants the last two years.

"I've not been the favorite son of Calhoun County, none of the time, ok? I wasn't the chosen one, I just happened to be the one chosen at that time. I went to work with Calhoun County back in 1991. Nobody wanted that job- much. But when you start creating something from scratch, and you massage it and it builds, you take ownership in it. I took ownership of it," said O'Bryan.

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