Foresters Focused on Wildfire Threat in South Ala.

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MOBILE, Ala. (AP) -- The Alabama Forestry Commission is sending extra firefighters to south Alabama as weather conditions threaten to spark additional wildfires in an area that's already seen several blazes.

Reports say eight extra forestry commission firefighters and four fire suppression units equipped with bulldozers have been temporarily reassigned to southwest Alabama, where fires in Mobile and Baldwin counties have burned nearly 4 square miles in the past month.

Forestry Commission spokeswoman Elishia Ballentine says four fires in Mobile and Washington counties are being investigated as arsons. But she warns dry weather and low humidity in the region is already posing a high threat for fires to spark without being intentionally set.

One blaze suspect of being intentionally set burned 95 acres near Interstate 10 in Theodore before firefighters contained it Friday.

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