Follow-Up: Young Canadian Releases Album After Fundraiser

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In a follow-up to a story that News 4 reported previously, a young Canadian actress and singer has released a Christmas album thanks to her online fans.

Michelle Creber, a young actress and singer from Canada, had held an online fundraiser through the website IndieGoGo. This fundraiser for her and her family to produce a Christmas album.

The family's goal of $8,500 was not only reached, but passed by over $2,500. Those who donated will receive perks such as autographed compact discs, ornaments or more depending on the amount that they contributed. The album was released on Saturday online.

And, some people that donated will receive cookies or ornaments made by the Creber family. Creber is perhaps best-known for her performance in “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” an animated series that has had an explosively popular following of both young girls and adults of all ages. She is the voice of “Apple Bloom” and the singing voice of both “Apple Bloom” and “Sweetie Belle.”

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