Follow Up: Video Gamer’s Charity Raises Nearly $35,000 For Needy Children

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A group of charitable video game enthusiasts have raised tens of thousands for a children-oriented charity.

On December 31st of 2012, News 4 reported on Pokethon III, the latest marathon gaming session of In existence since 2009, Extralives has raised tens of thousands for a variety of charitable causes.

Pokethon III started over the weekend of December 29th, and continued through the start of 2013. Gamers played three Pokemon games at a time, which was streamed online as fans and others interested donated money. Pokemon is the popular Nintendo game franchise the first saw release in Japan in 1996 and became a pop-culture phenomenon around the world in the following couple of years with an anime that has aired more than 700 episodes, numerous game sequels, music, stores, and much more.

Now, the results of their gaming marathon have been released. They passed their original goal several times, and raised nearly 35 thousand US dollars. The money raised will go to the “Free the Children” charity for education, health, sanitation, training, supplies and other needs.

Visitors to the website have the option to select one of four countries where these funds will go to.

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