Flying High: FAA Honors Enterprise Resident

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Its called the Charles Taylor "Master Mechanic" Award.

For Charles Jones, it was 65 years in the making.

"This is Napier field which is now Dothan airport. I was 16 years old and soloed this J3 Cub on August 17, 1948 and that's how my journey in aviation actually began," says Jones.

Charles Jones was honored by the FAA in October with an award named after the Wright Brothers mechanic, Charles Taylor.

It's an award voted on by other aviation professionals and considered to be the most prestigious award in aviation.

"To have friends and peers around the country nominate you for an award like this is probably about the highest honor to me, " says Jones.

"I'm one of the pickiest guys he's probably ever worked for but he knows how I want my stuff done .He can do any kind of fabric and wood work to pretty much any plane, " says Marshall Collins, a long time friend of Jones.

Jones says flying has always been a passion of his. He says it's a feeling like nothing else.

"I believe there's a poem and at the end its says I reached out and touched the face of god. I think its a peace that only people who fly can really understand, " says Jones.

Friends agree Jones' dedication then and now earned him this award.

"He's a hard worker and he does the best that can be done. Very nice guy, friend of everybody. I couldn't tell you in a days time how much of a great guy he is and I couldn't do these projects without him, " says Collins.

"I really enjoy just going up by myself and just flying and just looking around, just doing nothing but flying, " says Jones.

Jones said he first started working when he was 16, he wasnt getting paid; he worked for room, board and the opportunity to fly.

Jones also helped to rebuild an airplane in Robert Redford's movie, "The Great Waldo Pepper".

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