Flu Reports on the Decline in Alabama

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The chills, body aches, and fever are slowly making their way out of peoples' systems.
Doctors say the flu is on the decline in Alabama, news that many people have been waiting to hear.

“Flu has diminished significantly. We are probably seeing half as many cases now as we did in January and December.” Pediatrician Ted Williams said.

“We’re down to just about our baseline levels throughout the state.” Houston County Health Department’s Corey Kirkland said.

This could be due to immunizations.

“Part of it is vaccination. We saw less flu cases because the vaccination rates, but the influenza tends to wane with time anyway, so after February if you have a December January outbreak, by February the numbers is beginning to wane.” Williams said.

According to the center for disease control, back in January, there were almost seven thousand flu cases reported in the United States.
Now there are less than two thousand.
But just because influenza outbreaks are down now, doesn't mean they'll stay that way.

“We could still see this flu season run through the month of April.” Kirkland said.

“Some years we will see another spike in March and April but that’s not every year. So the odds are, once this flu is gone it’s probably gone till next year.” Williams said.

Just because the flu is slowly going away, doctors say you still need to take precautions.
Almost all doctors are still offering the flu vaccine.

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