Flu Bothering Students in Houston County

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"Every time I coughed I had a headache and every time I coughed my headache would get worse." Tullis Nelson said.

Tullis nelson is just one of many kids that has already come down with the flu.

"It started yesterday on the way to school he was a little under the weather and was complaining about his stomach hurting and his head hurting and this morning he started running a low grade temperature." Tullis’ mother Natalie Nelson said.

After hearing many of Tullis' class mates had the flu, his mom didn't wait long before bringing him to the doctor.
Doctor Ramsey says if your child has had a fever higher than 102 for around 48 hours, you should bring them into get checked.

“Typically when you have an onset of flu symptoms people can tell you exactly when they started to feel sick. “ Pediatrician Michael Ramsey said.

"Influenza is very contagious and its spread by respiratory droplets and we also spread many viruses on our hands." Pediatrician Claude Ashley said.

In serious situations, doctors say the flu could also lead to pneumonia, sinus infections, and even bronchitis.

"A couple ways to prevent it, first of all get a flu vaccine a lot of people are afraid to do that, but the flu vaccine is very important. Secondly wash your hands. Anything you touch which someone with flu has touched you can touch that and when you touch your face or wipe your mouth, then that’s how you'll get that virus” Dr. Ramsey said.

And Doctor Ramsey says if your child is sick, keep them home from school to prevent the flu from spreading even more this year.

"This is a really hard time for kids to stay home because they are finishing out the semester, older kids have exams, they want to tough it out, but if they are having fever they are putting those other kids at risk of ruining their Christmas holiday as well." Dr. Ramsey said.

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