Florida Searches for New Lt. Gov.; Could Allen West Be Considered?

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Right now, Florida has no Lieutenant Governor.

It's been two months since Jennifer Carroll stepped down over her connections to an internet cafe chain accused of breaking the law.

Governor Rick Scott's been taking his time in picking a replacement.

A decision could be coming soon - and the short list might surprise you.

It began as a Florida political bombshell.

Sunday, Lieutenant Governor Carroll resigned.

And now with one Lieutenant Governor gone, we could be about to get a new one.

With the legislative session over, Governor Scott's focusing on just who he'll pick for the number two job.

The most talked-about prospect: former Tea Party congressman Allen West.

On Friday, Scott said West would make a 'great' Lieutenant Governor.

So, we asked him why. Congressman West is a great guy,” Scott replied, “great individual. He's a patriot. He works very hard for Florida families.”

The question now: could the firebrand West also find himself working hard *in the Governor's office*?

The job itself may entail little more than pomp and circumstance, but with the 2014 campaign at hand, Florida's next Lieutenant Governor will also be Rick Scott's running mate: a role involving winning over votes and raising lots of money.

Political consultant Kevin Cate points out the kind of voters Scott's been after lately are *moderates*, not the Tea Party crowd that helped put him in the governor's mansion.

That's why cate's keeping his eye on people like former G.O.P. Congresswoman Sandy Adams and Tampa State Representative Dana Young.

What Rick Scott needs for his new Lieutenant Governor is somebody who A is not going to mess up - didn't get that the first time around - but B somebody who's going to be able to raise money. LG is not a high-profile position, nobody's going into a voting booth to vote for the Lieutenant Governor.

But make the wrong pick, and it could hurt the governor.

That's why Scott's taking his time to avoid *another* political bombshell.

Sources close to the Governor's office say former Republican State Senate President Mike Haridopolos is helping Scott with the Lieutenant Governor vetting process.

They also say that process has been underway for weeks.

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