Florida Man Speaks Against Suicide as He Walks Across US

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Steve Fugate was forced to make a life changing decision fourteen years ago after his only son committed suicide.

“Nine months after the death of my son I got my daughter to help me orchestrate it; I walked across the U.S. with this sign.” Steve Fugate said.

A sign that has received national attention.

“It has no political no religious meanings, it’s just a suggestion; love life cause life is a gift.” Fugate said.

Fugate has walked across the United States six times with his sign, hoping to bring awareness to suicide.

“You do not have the right to take your own life, I’m an expert at it and what it does to families, and it destroys and devastates.” Fugate said.

Fugate says in his travels, he's spoken to many people who have asked for his help.

“They stop all the time, sometimes they are in dire straits and we talk at length, and there have been many who said they did not take their life because they climbed out of their depression through talking to me.” Fugate said.

And although it’s always tough thinking about his son, he knows his purpose in life is to make sure no other family has to go through the sadness of suicide.

“Love life, wake up in the morning, say I don’t care this is my gift I’m going to use it.” Fugate said.

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