Florida Being Invaded by Destructive Species of Snail

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Florida is being invaded ... by giant snails.

Giant African Land Snails to be exact, and they're one of the most destructive species on earth.

They eat nearly anything in their paths, including houses.

Agriculture experts say during the first six months of their lives, the snails go after stucco. They also feed on 500 types of plants and pretty much every fruit and vegetable grown in the Sunshine State.

The shells of the adult snails can grow up to eight inches. The creatures can live for nine years and lay 100 eggs every month.

There's more bad news. The snails can carry a parasite that causes meningitis in humans and dogs.

The snails came from east Africa, but no one knows how they got in Florida.

The infestation started a year and half ago. So far, 50 inspectors have already captured 120,000.

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