Florala Mayor's Cancer

A member of 'intelligent knife' development team uses the knife on a piece of animal muscle during a demonstration at St Mary's Hospital in London, Wednesday, July 17, 2013. The so-called iKnife can test smoke given off when a tumor is cut to see if the tissue is healthy or cancerous. / AP
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Potholes and noise complaints took a backseat at last night's Florala City Council meeting. Mayor Robert Williamson announced he has blood cancer.
Mayor Williamson says recent nasal congestion and a sore throat is unfortunately not a head cold..., but instead b-cell lymphoma. A form of Leukemia. Since the diagnosis..., he has a renewed sense of faith and a strength to defeat the "big-c". Tonight, he is being treated at the highly renowned M.D. Anderson Cancer Treatment Hospital in Houston, Texas…

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