Flood Waters cause Issues for the City of Ashford

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ASHFORD, AL--Brandy Stonevack and her daughter try to salvage what they can as they brace for another night of rain.

"Our church they're fabulous they're coming to help load us up this afternoon with a U-haul and were going to get all of our furniture because we heard there's possible flooding again tonight and we don't want to lose all of our personal belongings," said Ashford resident Brandy Stonevack.

Stonevack's home and three others on academy drive flooded during Monday's downpour.

"All of our carpet had to be ripped out, our flooring has to be ripped out we got at least two inches in there," said Stonevack.

She says the neighbors got hit even harder.

"All of their personal belongings, furniture everything they had 9 inches into their house so they're at a complete lost."

"We had almost every major road in Ashford closed or impassable because of the water," said Ashford Mayor Jonathan Grecu.

Not only were residents affected, city commissioners called an emergency meeting Tuesday night, to relocate the police department after a sewer man hole in front of the building over flowed.

"What happens is when you get that much water it causes the sewer man whole lids to pop."

However, Mayor Grecu says residents don't need to be too concerned.

"It doesn't affect their drinking water and the amount of water we had literally washed everything away," added Grecu.

The mayor says he's looking into getting grants to improve downtown Ashford and the sewer system.
For now Stonevack says rain is her biggest concern.

"I'm always going to be worried now that every time we get a good rain I'm going to have to start over again."

Something no one ever wants to have to do.

The emergency meeting to relocate the police department started at 5:30p.m..
We'll keep you up-to-date on what commissioners decide.

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