Flooding Issues Concern Daleville Residents

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Residents living on Forest Park Road are irritated.

Harlan Boswell says after rain falls his street looks like a pond, he’s tired of this issue and he wants something done about it.

"It's (water) everywhere but all you need is some simple drainage," said Boswell.

Forest Park Road is approximately 200 yards from the Choctawhatchee River. This spills over making it tough for residentsto drive.

"They won't clean the pipes, I've called everybody and the last time I called I couldn't get anyone," said Boswell.

Forest Park residents’ believe that most of the flooding is caused because there is only one drainage pipe located on the road which is filled with sticks. Boswell and other neighbors like Wendy Simmons are upset because they believe their living condition is being looked over by Dale County Commission.

"It makes me angry because it's like the county or the city or whoever doesn't care. They don't care about down here on Forest Park," said Simmons.

Dale County Road and Bridge officials have been contacted and one of the assistant engineers said that it's very hard to fix the problem on Forest Park because it is one of the lowest leveled streets in the County. Road and Bridge officials also say that one solution could be to build a levee to block the overflow but those plans haven't been officially discussed as of now.

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