Flea Across Florida Brings Many People Out to Shop

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People in Chipley have already started lining the streets to prepare the items they want to sell in this mega yard sale.

It’s become a big hit in the south, holding garage sales that span miles of roadways.
And it’s something many towns in the wiregrass are participating in.
It’s called flea across Florida.
This is where anyone from live oak all the way to Pensacola can set up shop on the side of the road.

“We have everything out here from karaoke, teriyaki, to beef jerky, knives, gloves, books, vcr's everything you would like.” Cottondale resident Steve Harnage said.

“We have big selection of cars in all different sizes all kinds of hand tools, all kinds of gloves, fire engines, purses, western books, almost anything somebody wants. This is a good size sale for us to be here this time.” Bonifay resident Jim Dee said.

Many participate to make money, but that’s not the only reason.
Some enjoy the chance to meet new people in their community.

“I love people and I like talking to people and it’s just a good time.” Harnage said.

With over 272 miles of treasures to choose from, you really can find just about anything.
The fun will continue Saturday.
The city of Chipley will be closing off Railroad Avenue tomorrow for vendors to set up and sell their items.

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