Houston County Under Flood Watch

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UPDATED With the latest from the Houston County EMA (7:30am Wednesday):

National Weather Service advises Flood Watch still in effect through Friday Morning.

Widespread heavy rain is expected over the next couple of days.

Forecast predict our area will receive 4-5 inches of rain.

The primary threat will be damaging winds followed by a low tornado threat.

Damaging winds will most likely be in areas experiencing the heaviest rain.


Houston County is under a flood watch from 7 p.m. tonight through Friday Morning.

The National Weather Service (NWS) states that average rainfall totals of 3 to 5 inches are likely in the Houston County region, with higher isolated totals possible.

NWS graphical forecasts show Houston County receiving an average of 3 inches, however higher totals could occur if rainfall were to continue to move over the same areas or the exact forecast area of heavy rainfall were to shift.

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