Fla. Man Charged after Toddler Son Shot Dead

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PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) -- A Florida Panhandle man has been charged with negligence in the death of his toddler son.

Reports say Escambia County Sheriff's Office arrested 28-year-old Sheldon Cleavon Salter on Friday.

Salter told deputies he was with his 2-year-old son and the child's mother watching television at home the day of the shooting.
As the parents sat on the couch, they reportedly asked the child to get a fresh diaper from the bedroom. When the child entered the bedroom, authorities say he found Salter's loaded Glock pistol between a mattress and box spring.

Investigators say Salter heard a gunshot as he went to check in on him. The child was lying on the bed with a gunshot wound to his head.
Salter has been released on $17,500 bond.

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