Five Teens Charged in Connection with Felony Criminal Mischief

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has identified and arrested five teenagers involved in a felony criminal mischief incident in the Fort Walton Beach area May 3rd.

Investigators say the five teens, whose images were captured on a home surveillance camera, went to a house at 513 Pocahontas Drive around 12:30 a.m. armed with what appeared to be a gun, a baseball bat, and a knife.

They have been identified as 17-year olds Destin Leslie, Edwin Sanchez, Bronda Isiah McKisson and Justus Betts, and 15-year old Andrew Knapp.

Investigators say Leslie, Sanchez and Betts went down the driveway while Campbell –Knapp and McKisson served as look-outs near the road. Sanchez used a knife to slash two tires on the homeowner’s car and Leslie punctured a third tire. Betts used a baseball bat to try to break out a car window, however the teens ran from the scene due to the loud noise when the bat hit the window. Betts says the gun seen in his hand in the video was an air soft pistol that he planned to use to shoot out the car’s windows, but he tried to use the bat instead.
Investigators say Leslie told them his father had recently been fired from his job by the victim and he enlisted the help of the other teens to retaliate against her for terminating his father’s employment. He and the other teens told investigators they know what they did was wrong and they regret their actions.

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