Fiscal Cliff Deal

A tower of pizza and plenty of cold cuts are being brought to the Capitol, as fiscal cliff negotiations shift to the House of Representatives. House GOP members are huddling up today to decide if the senate bill has enough support to pass or if they will amend it. Late today, republican majority leader Eric Cantor told reporters he did not support the bill in it's current form.

Republicans say the bill that passed the senate early this morning does not cut enough spending.

“Congress is addicted to spending money. Maybe congress should join spending anonymous,” joked Republican Todd Poe.

The agreement postpones harsh across the board spending cuts for a few months.
It also makes Bush era tax cuts permanent for individuals making under $400,000 a year...and families making under $450,000.

The White House sent Vice President Joe Biden here to capitol try to broker a deal in the House just as he did last night in the Senate. House democrats are welcoming his help.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi said, “I think that we’ve made gigantic progress. I hope that we can have a bipartisan agreement as we go forward.”

Congress' inability to reach a deal, has been frustrating to voters.

“They shouldn’t have waited until the deadline, but that’s typical,” complained Denise Pinkston, a New Yorker.

Even though the country officially went over the fiscal cliff at midnight Monday, the Senate version of the bill makes all tax cut extensions retroactive to the beginning of the year. If the House amends the Senate’s version of the bill, it goes back to the senate for another vote.

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