First Grade Teacher Wins Houston County Teacher of Year

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A Rehoboth Elementary School teacher is getting recognition for her hard work in the classroom . Students give her an ”A plus”.

''She makes a good teacher because she's really smart and she has Good work for us to do," says Addison Godwin, a first grader at Rehobeth Elementary School.

Godwin is talking about her first grade teacher Mrs. Maddox. She's taught at Rehobeth Elementary School for eight years and say's she's enjoyed every minute.

"I work for a great school and a great school system," said Adrienne Maddox.

That kind of dedication is why Maddox is now Houston County’s teacher of the year. Something she didn’t see coming. "Not at all, not all, it was a great surprise," said Maddox.

Although it surprised her, it didn’t surprise her students or assistant principal Pat Tyson.

"I am very, very happy, I have watched Mrs. Maddox from the first year she came here, I have been her assistant principal. She has just developed into a master teacher and she has been doing an excellent job and we're very proud," said Tyson.

One of the reasons county leaders nominated Maddox is because she’s a creative teacher.
Instead of calling it candy she passes out smart pills .

"It tastes like different flavors," said Godwin.

For students it’s about learning, for Maddox it’s the best job in the world.

"Yes I love it, mostly everyday is a good day. There's always something new, something exciting, something different that happens. One day is never the same as another so it's interested to see how your day changes from the morning to the afternoon everyday," said Maddox.

Mrs. Maddox hopes her classroom changes lives one fun assignment at a time. She will officially be recognized Monday night during Houston County’s school board meeting.

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