First Grade Carolers Wow Crowds at Dothan Pavilion

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There was some extra Christmas cheer in the air today as several first graders from Fort Rucker Primary School sang carols in front of the Dothan Pavilion.

The show included props, some pretty outstanding dance moves and even some Spanish carols.

The event kicked off at noon today and lasted until 3p.m. Parents and administration enjoyed the concert and agree that it's nice to see their students doing something good.

"This is kind of above and beyond for our students that are asked to do this in addition to their regular classroom work so they really work hard on it and we have a lot of support from our parents as well," says Principal Debbie Deas.

"And they've done the nursing home over in Dothan earlier and they've done the performing at the Holiday Bizarre and just seeing the smiles on the peoples' faces at the kids and they work so hard for it," added Stephanie Madden.

The kids will continue to perform in Fort Rucker as Christmas Day gets closer.

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