First Day of School for Dothan

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Students filled the halls Monday for the first day of school in Dothan.

"The students came in with a great mindset they were focused on learning you can tell they were ready to be back we ready for the children to return they came with their school supplies ready big smiles on their face and lots of hugs," said Teresa Davis, principal of Morris Slingluff Elementary School.

Principals say the first day was a success.

"It's been great we have 1,300 students here at Northview we are very excited about the different changes and improvements we have made this past summer," said Chris Shaw, principal of Northview High School.

"Very exciting it has been very successful our faculty and staff greeted every student coming through the doors as if they are their own children," said Charles Corbitt, principal of Girard Middle School.

And technology seems to be the focus of the upcoming year.

"For the upcoming school year they will focusing a lot on technology hopefully we will be having devices in every child's hand," said Davis.

"Well the upcoming school year we are going to technology you know 21st century classrooms we are completely wireless and we are looking as far as bringing laptops and computers and really incorporate technology into the classroom,' said Shaw.

"They are very excited about the upcoming school year because they know we are going to tailor their needs so they can be successful," said Corbitt.

This school year the Dothan City School system is going to focus on graduation.

With first graders being the class of 2025.

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