Firework Safety for New Years Eve

The rain wasn't good for the fireworks business this summer, but the moisture is making them a little less hazardous for New Years Eve.

There are still some things to keep in mind while ringing in the new year.

In Dothan city limits, it's illegal to purchase or use fireworks.

Outside of the city limits, make sure you aren't using them around anything dry.

Fireworks stores say to make sure your fireworks packaging isn't torn or broken.

Next, make sure it's on stable ground and not to stand over what you're lighting.

If you have what you think is a dud, be careful because it could go off if you go up to it and cause serious injury.

The Fire department wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Follow these safety tips to make sure you make it to see 2014.

If you do light off fireworks in Dothan city limits, you can be ticketed.