Firework Safety For The 4th

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Pretty colors, loud noises, all fun with fireworks. And locals say they know how to enjoy it and be safe.

"Definitely make sure that the area your launching fireworks is not dry because that can start a forest fire and then don't aim fireworks at your friends, we tried that last year and that wasn't too smart. So definitely don't point anything at each other, that's not good," says fireworks buyer Joseph Ault.

As this is a busy time of year for local firework retailers, they still want to make sure everyone knows how to safely enjoy the festivities. They say all it takes is reading the label.

"Use the fireworks as their intended, usually they'll all have label instructions on where to put them, how to aim them if there is a particular item that has to be aimed in a certain way and never alter fireworks, don't try to build your own. That can be dangerous, " says manager of Holiday Fireworks Bryan Smith.

"Have a water hose close by, a bucket of water, just in case a spark hits the ground and starts a little fire, you can put it out pretty quick".

"We certainly are proud of our country and proud of the service that the military do for the country, we want this to be a happy holiday but we want people to use common sense when their using fireworks," says co-owner of BJ's Fireworks June Brannon.

You should always be at a safe distance when watching fireworks. Once you light it, get to a safe distance and enjoy.

"You want to maintain a safe distance from your fireworks, probably around 75 feet when your firing them," says Brannon.

"As long as you use them the way they're intended, they're very safe," says Smith.

Its firework safety that makes the 4th all the more spectacular.

Firework distributors say to get out in a rural area if possible to launch your fireworks.

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