Firework Safety

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With the New Year just around the corner, many people are ringing it in with a bang.

Jack Collier, part-owner of Merritt Fireworks, said,”We have a lot of people from Florida, had some from Georgia, and as far as Missouri.”

Collier said it might not be as busy as the Fourth of July, but it still brings in a crowd.

“We have to order fireworks well in advance. People stock up before they go back home,” he explained.

While some opt for a few fireworks here and there, others go for the big packs.

Collier said, “The kids really love the ball rockets and you can buy a 144 in a pack so they get a lot for their money.”

Collier said his store offers a wide variety so people can have fun, but warns that fireworks shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“If it's a big case or something you may want to set it in a tub. That makes it sound louder and a little safer too. Also, don't look over and see if they're going to go up. Get out of the way. They’ll go off,” he explained.

He also show me how it’s safest to use a lighter stick in order to light the firework’s fuse. Then, make sure to stand back!

Another tip is to set the firecrackers on a hard, dry surface.

“Only a few things fireworks do not work with and that’s water. Water will destroy them in a minute.”

So be safe, stay back, and have a Happy New Year!

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