Firefighter Games Kick off in Lee County

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More than 4,000 professional firefighters from all across the Sunshine State are in Lee County.

They're competing against each other in the 'Firefighter Games' for 17-days.

"It's a macho thing," said Broward County firefighter Tony Chin. "You know firefighters love to be the best at whatever we do and coming out here to prove that on the field."

The competition started 41-years ago with just 7-departments in Miami. Now, some 200 participate each year.

Competitors say it's something they look forward to every year, not just for the competition but also as a welcome break.

"Meeting all the guys that I've made friends with over the years and sitting around, sitting in the parking lot drinking beer and reminiscing about the old times and just enjoying each other - That's the best part of the whole trip," said Tallahassee firefighter Reginald Brown.

There are more than 40 events for the firefighters to tackle, including softball, poker and pool.

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