Fire Prevention Tips to Help Keep you Cool in the Kitchen

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"We tend to get forgetful, we get on the telephone talking with relatives or loved ones, or someone comes to the door and distracts us and we forget that we had those french fries on the stove,” Fire Chief Chris Etheridge said.

In just a matter of minutes those french fries can turn into a fire.

"Those range from very minor smoke damage in their kitchen, to someone leaving their home and leaving the oven on and that causes a total destruction of the home. That person is out of their home and all of those personal belongings that are extremely hard to replace," Etheridge said.

According to the Fire Analysis and Research Division 42% of home fires are caused from cooking equipment, most of those fires are caused by unattended cooking.

It's important to make sure if you don't already have a timer on your oven, to have one at hand or take a reminder.

"Take a spoon or a spatula or something with you and that's a visual cue right in your hand that says, "Hey I've got something on the stove I need to go back and check it," Etheridge said.

If you do have a grease or oil fire, remember water won't put it out.

The best thing to do is cover it and smother it.

Last, but certainly not least - "Ensure that you have a working smoke detector on every level of your home. That's your first line of defense. If you're not attending to that stove, that detector is," Etheridge said.

Make sure your kids know how to dial 911 and how to get out of the home if there is a fire.