Finding Money To Fix Henry County Roads

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The Henry County Commission is moving forward with finding money to fix up some of the worst roads in the county. The commission is considering a bond rating or local finance options to come up with 1 million dollars to add to their road funds.

This would total nearly 2 million dollars for repairs.
The added money would hopefully cover fixes to five roads.

Henry County Commission Chairman David Money said, “We don’t want to hand this to the next administration. We’d rather bite the bullet now while we know we can handle the payment and go ahead and get the roads done. And the thing about it is when we get these five, there will be five more that’ll be waiting. So, it’s an ongoing process.”

A list of the ten worst roads in the county was put together and at the top is County Road 63. Other include County Roads 58 and 56.

The less traveled roads can not be fixed up with federal funds.

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