Federal Accident Investigators Recommend Lower BAC

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(Dothan, AL)—Washington is considering recommendations from federal accident investigators to lower the current Blood Alcohol Content from .08 to .05. The change would be nearly half of the legal limit in all states.

The idea is one of several recommendations the National Safety Board would like to adopt to reduce alcohol related deaths. Although there’s no word on when legislators will make a decision to lower the current BAC, some Dothan residents say it’s a good idea.

“I had a friend who was killed in a drunken driving accident,” Tamra Harrison said. “I’m not saying this could have saved his life, but maybe it would make others think twice about the implications of drinking and getting behind the wheel.”

But other residents disagree, saying the current limit is too stiff already. Law enforcement officials disagree with that logic, saying some people are impaired drivers even if they’re under the legal limit.

“As soon as you drink, depending on your food consumption and body weight, you can become a driving hazard,” Houston County Captain Antonio Gonzalez said. “We pull people over all the time, they might not blow a .08 but they’re swerving on the roadways and are hazardous to other people.”

Drivers, who are pulled over for suspicion of DUI and are arrested under the legal limit, can face reckless driving charges. In Alabama, drivers who fail to give a field sobriety or breathalyzer test will automatically lose their license for 90 days.

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