Father of Victim Involved in August 6 Sex Crimes in Ozark Speaks Out

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OZARK -- Ozark Police Criminal Investigators arrested 31 year old Jimmy O'Neil Regan and 28 year old Joshua Jernigan, both of Ozark, on August 6th for two unrelated sex crimes.

The victims involved in this case were two females ages 12 and 14.

On Friday, one of the victim's fathers said there was no indication of a sexual relationship between his daughter and the much older suspect.

"I got the call that my ex-wife had asked me to look at the Facebook," the father said. "I saw the messages coming across the screen, I was heart-stricken."

Now, he just wants other parents to be more vigilant before they feel the same heartache.

"Monitor their Facebook log-ons, monitor their passwords, tell them that they at least have to have access to passwords and accounts at all times," the parent said.

Both Regan and Jernigan are being held in the Dale County Jail without bond.