Farmers Prepare for Planting Season

Henry County, AL - Ed White has been farming in Henry County for the past five decades. He is always happy to see winter go.

“What spring does, it just sort of invigorates you. It’s a new season. You’re out there with all the optimism,” said White.

He’s optimistic this growing season will be as good as last year’s.

“Even on dry land it was unreal. God has hands in it for sure. Last year was a record year for everything. It didn’t matter what you planted, but it just seemed to produce,” he said.

Peanuts especially had a record-breaking yield in the United States and Alabama. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

Wiregrass Research and Extension Center Associate Kris Balkcom said, “The sad thing is we still have a lot of them. So we’re going to have to decrease the acreage. On the bright side, the cotton pricing has come up surprisingly to everyone.”

Staying on that bright side, corn pricing is up too. Last year’s drought in the Midwest hit the Corn Belt hard. Now there isn’t enough to meet the demand.

While many farmers with the right infrastructure will be banking on that grain, White is sticking to mostly cotton this year.

He, like most farmers, has already been out preparing his fields. He’s been fertilizing and will come in with a ripper within the next couple of weeks. He hopes to have everything planted by the middle of May.

And this won’t be his last.

“When the lord calls me home and my feet are turned up, then I’m going to quit. I’m going to retire in heaven,” said White.

All of the rain we received over the past month or so won’t really affect farmers’ yields. However, it helped to fill the ponds and aquifers for irrigation.

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